Saturday, March 31, 2012

Well, here goes my stab at blogging! I never thought I would be one of "those" bloggers. I picked the name Kaleidoscopes and Pinwheels for more than one reason. Pinwheels are fun and cute. They spin round and round by the wind blowing into them. I found these adorable pinwheels in a tutorial on how to make pinwheel garland by Annie at Peppermint Plum.

Peppermint Plum

As a child I loved to play with both pinwheels and kaleidoscopes. Kaleidoscopes create such a vast array of pretty, colorful patterns. Wikipedia explains that the word "kaleidoscope" is derived from a Greek word that translates to "observer of beautiful forms." I feel that sometimes my life is like a kaleidoscope. There are so many things that I enjoy that vary from refinishing old furniture, decorating and antiquing to enjoying other hobbies such as getting on the back of a motorcycle with my boyfriend. My hopes for this blog is to share these things as I go through my kaleidoscope of life.

I have already completed several projects that I will share at a different time. I will also share my most recent finds from our last flea market visit to the Collinsville Trade Day. My next journey will be traveling to Chattanooga, TN with my parents. On the way, we hope to stop at a flea market to search for new, old treasures and then head to Chattanooga to browse through the Knitting Mill Antiques and hopefully find a few treasures there as well.

I will post updates and pictures from our trip soon!

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  1. I think your blog looks great! Such a cute and fun name too!! Can't wait to hear (and see) what you found on your flea market adventure. :) Wish I could tag along. Maybe next time. There are GREAT flea markets in Philly (hint, hint).